SnG Power Tools

SnG Power Tools 1.24

It is a playing poker application designed to help you win
1.24 (See all)
Advantage Analysis, LLC

SnG Power Tools is a playing poker application that is not designed to tell you if you are winning, but to help you win. It teaches you the most important aspects of correct strategy by combining probability and tournament strategy concepts in an easy to use way. Instead of doing all of this work by hand, the program eliminates the tedium of performing the necessary calculations, giving you valuable insight into how to beat the games for a profit.

This tool helps you learn how and when to move all-in in the later stages of the game and understand the importance of variables such as chip stacks, blinds and overlays, position, prize structures, table image and opponent calling standards, tournament equity or hand matchups. At the same time, SnG Power Tools teaches you how to combine all of these variables in a quantitative way, how and when to attack defenseless short stacks, reviews your hand histories and learns where you have made pushing or folding mistakes.

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